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Our philosophy

The Endurance Collective is a network of practitioners focused on treating the cause rather than the effect. We are not an Island, but rather a community engaged in a collaborative exchange of information to benefit our patients. We believe in treating each other as family and that our personal connections with clients, patients, and athletes are what set us apart from the sports medicine community.

What We Do


Massage Therapy

“The human body is a marvelous instrument. When in perfect alignment and balance, there is almost no feat of endurance the body cannot handle.”

- Dr. George Sheehan

We focus on restoring the structural balance in your body by getting to the cause of your imbalance rather than treating the effect. Our therapists have a depth of knowledge in Kinesiology, Athletic Training, and Corrective Exercise in addition to their Massage Therapy Degrees.


coaching plans

Endurance Collective coaches develop work with a variety of different types of athletes on both the physical and the mental aspects of sport. Because we have access to a network of bodywork, mental health, and medical professionals we are able to tie together personalized training, wellness, and rehabilitation plans. The Endurance Collective community helps take coaching and performance athletic training to the highest level.


Biomechanics Assessments

The Endurance Collective offers a variety of biomechanical assessments unique to your sport. We believe that it is important to apply our depth of knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics to the fusion of athlete and their equipment. Fitting your body to your equipment is collaborative process that doesn’t end after your first session. It is important that each time you meet with your coach or therapist, you leave with knowledge and processes that will benefit you as an athlete.

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